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Kyler + Taylor // proposal.

alright, alright, alright! kyler has been one of my absolute best buds ever since 6th grade. so when he told me aboutView full post »

Evan + Dia // engaged.

evan and dia have absolute style. their home is gorgeous. their faces make my life easy. and their personalities areView full post »

Skylar // senior.

skylar murdered her session. we hung out downtown, then hit some barn vibez where we got kicked out and then rolledView full post »

Miranda // senior.

hanging out with seniors is always rad. miranda is rad. the girl is authentic, incredible smile and her eyez, wow.View full post »

Elisha + Matt // maternity.

this was my first in home maternity session and it was super rad, especially with these two. yup.View full post »

Yoni // lifestyle.

hey. this is my good buddy, yoni. he is rocking a new ONA bag.View full post »

Tiana // lifestyle.

tiana is amazing at what she does. incredible human. absolutely kind-hearted. check her life + style blogView full post »

The Seefelds // family.

a little taste of a rad family in some of my favorite spots in omaha!View full post »

The Youngs // married.

matt and jackie. two incredibly classy humans with lotz of love in their hearts.View full post »

The Wolfs // married.

cody and sonya. smiles and happy tears.View full post »

Gayle Rocz // senior.

gayle worked it during her senior session. like damn. we hit up a record store, hung out and did awkward senior posesView full post »

Laiden // kid.

wow. i’m not even going to write about Laiden. I’m going to let you just geek out over his cuteness.View full post »

Fitzgarralds // maternity.

i went to high school with liz, so it was sweet catching up with her and her new family! they’re expecting a newView full post »

The Chase Family.

i don’t normally photograph families where there aren’t any young little kids running around, so this shootView full post »

Eric + Kezlie // engaged.

i had no idea of the height difference until we got out of the car, so that was good to find out, haha. these two areView full post »

The Caldwells // family

wow. this family is gorgeous! it was so incredibly fun hanging out with this bunch. parker has one of my favoriteView full post »

My nieces and nephew // kids.

welcome. enjoy my nieces and nephew being goofs at one of my favorite barns in nebraska.View full post »

Ronnie + Kali // engaged.

these two are so damn genuine. seriously such amazing people. they made me feel incredible comfortable shooting theirView full post »

Ryan + Anne Two // engaged.

ryan and anne loved me so much that they wanted another session well not really. they got engaged in omaha at zorinskyView full post »

John, Crystal & Kelton // family.

kelton is one of my favorites to photograph. the kid is full of life, his heart is big, and his smile makes anyoneView full post »

Kyle + Michele // engaged.

kyle and michele are getting married next month and im hyped they want me to be there to capture it. i finally got toView full post »

Trez Novak // Golden Vibes.

follow trez on instagram here >>> https://instagram.com/treze.novak/View full post »

Logan, Brittany & Zoey // family.

these three together put a smile on my face, perfect little family <3View full post »

Claire Porter // No Parking Vibes.

check out claire’s blog here >>> http://goldenhippy.comView full post »

Derek + Brinda // engaged.

brinda is my cousin, so this was a pretty easy going shoot and super natural vibes. derek and brinda are super perfectView full post »

Boyd + Jasmine // engaged.

boyd and jasmine were one of the first couples to ever book me for a wedding, so i’m incredibly thankful for themView full post »


i knew about big sur for about a year until i finally got the urge to make a trip there. i finally saw the infamousView full post »


arizona was nutz. i learned that getting out of my comfort zone and meeting up with new people allows for amazingView full post »


utah taught me that maybe it wasn’t so bad to stay in a hotel for one night! i arrived around 4:00 to monumentView full post »


for every state i’m explaining what i learned in those states. it may not even relate to the state, but relatesView full post »

Justin + Dana // engaged.

extremely hyped on how this set turned out! we shot at some new spots i had been wanting to hit for urban look and thenView full post »

Wolverine Boots

i was lucky enough to work with wolverine boots for their promotion through instagram. these boots are incredibly toughView full post »

Jaymes + Emily // engaged.

we hiked up to dream lake for jaymes and emily’s session, and holy cow was it gorgeous. these two have got theView full post »

Ryan + Anne // engaged.

wow! much wow on this set. i met up with Ryan and Anne out in Fort Collins, CO and was able to capture their lovelyView full post »

Russ + Megan // Cancun Wedding.

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this wedding. It honestly chokes me up a bit, especially while listening toView full post »

It’s Easy.

hey, friends. i’m writing this post because recently i came across a pretty rad quote. i’ve accompaniedView full post »

Braxton Cruz // kid.

Braxton’s one year old smash cake shoot was a super success. i love this lil dude. he is way too rad. i’mView full post »

Tyler + Lauren // love.

tyler and lauren, wow. so much dang love between these two. you know a boy and girl have mad love for each other whenView full post »

Yoni Gill Photography // branding.

this is yoni gill. he is my friend. he is a photographer. and this is his sex face. checkout his work HERE. or onView full post »

Matt McCoy // lifestyle.

this dude is too fly. his suit, watch and shoes are so on point. the dude is super genuine and has so much heartView full post »

Axcess // lifestyle.

axcess grinds hard and pushes his music to the limits. this dude has so much passion for what he does and trulyView full post »

Arizona. Words. Life. // a trip with my love.

this arizona trip is one of the greatest adventures of my life and i got to experience it all with the love of my life,View full post »

McNairs // married couple.

Emily and Jared are such dang awesome humans. it was pretty dang cold when we were shooting their photos, but i keptView full post »

Laiden // newborn.

ahhh baby laiden! i rarely shoot newborns, but always do them for close friends. laiden was chill for about half theView full post »

Ethic Clothing Co. // lifestyle.

i’ve been shooting for Ethik for a while now. they started contacting me for photos back in 2011 when i wasView full post »

Perspectives Global // lifestyle.

i had the opportunity to shoot for Perspectives Global, a company that recognizes hope is possible through theView full post »

Landon // kid.

this lil guy is gettin’ big! landon is always such a goofy lil kid. he makes hilarious faces, especially when heView full post »

Pofahl // kids.

i’ve known mallory since high school and was thrilled for her to get photos done by me! the original plan was toView full post »

Ryan + Lauren // engaged.

ryan and lauren are killlller. these two are awesome to be around // they made it comfortable for me to be able toView full post »

Kuhls // family.

I met aubrey for the first time at The MSR Group where she was my supervisor and the coolest one at that! she took meView full post »

Ginger & Jax // family.

ginger and jax are fuggin so damn awesome! this was close to one of the best shoots of the year. it was incredibly funView full post »

A Trip To Colorado // personal.

I headed out to Colorado in October of 2014 to shoot a wedding. I of course got a lot of exploring in. I brought alongView full post »

James + Alicia // engaged.

james and alicia are such genuine people. they’re so kind-hearted and easy going, that’s why they look soView full post »

Aiden // kid.

aiden is such a stud. the little guy has grown so much since his last shoot. jess and austin are such awesome parentsView full post »

The Zahms // married.

the zahms are killer. i shot their wedding at one of the most stunning churches in omaha. the ladies started off theView full post »

Ben + Haley // engaged.

wow, what can i say about these two. they’ve been together for freaaaakin 11 years! like wut? bout time they gotView full post »

Ambyr + Trey // couple.

ambyr and trey started off a little shy, but we got it going about 20-30 minutes in! i loved their outfits, superView full post »

Krelles // family

the krelles are so dang rad! // they are such a joy to be around // they’re such a hyper bunch and made thisView full post »

kaiden & momma // family.

kaiden is a fuggin stud. no joke. this kid is gonna have ladies flocking to him when he’s older. his momma keepsView full post »

Dude. Be Nice // clothing.

Dude. Be Nice is such a rad company and promotes obviously being nice. how can you get better than that? Brent alwaysView full post »

william // kid.

this is about the 4th time i’ve shot with william and it gets more and more killer every time! he is super activeView full post »

Krysta & Landis // maternity.

krysta and my girly friend work together, so that’s how we met! they’re super secretive about theView full post »

Jensens // family.

so grace, one of the girls pictured below but you probably won’t know who unless you actually know her, contactedView full post »

Solbergs // family.

little did i know that the solbergs are the neighbors of my best buds parents! what a small world. natalie contacted meView full post »

Childers // family.

i met the childers about 8 or so years ago when i helped baby sit their kids. i haven’t seen them in about 6View full post »

Brock + Jordan // engaged.

i was lucky enough to be able to shoot brocks proposal to jordan at Bella Vita in Elkhorn. i was in stealth modeView full post »